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 "NAFTA" Free Trade Agreement--
 No Sales Taxes, No Import Duties,
 Customers Save Thousands

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 New "FAST-TRAK" Program

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  Questions - Answers

All Cabin Kit Homes include... at no extra cost... pre-built "panelized" exterior and interior wall panels, pre-cut roofing, pre-built stairs (as per plans) and pre-numbered panel plans that save you thousands in labor costs and building time!

1.  What is included in a Cabin Kit package?
We offer complete pre-built “panelized” packages at no extra cost!
Under the "NAFTA" free trade program, the package includes all pre-built exterior and interior wall panels, pre-built stairs (per plan), pre-cut roof system, pre-numbered panel plans, complete detail plans, plus floors, rafters, ridge beams, roofing, pre-stained siding, insulated double-glazed windows, exterior doors, interior passage doors, hardware, lock sets, exterior deadbolts, nails, bolts, screws, decks and deck railings... everything you need for a secure, weather-tight locked-up exterior shell package. 

2.  Do Cabin Kits meet building codes?
Yes, Cabin Kits meet or exceed the new "IBC," "IRC" and "Urban Wildland Interface" codes (in high fire danger areas)... now being adopted by every city and county in the United States, and throughout Canada as well.
(Note: Cabin Kit packages are engineered to meet local requirements for roof snow loads, wind loads, and seismic zones. Special protective treatments are also available for tropical pests and/or insects. And our exclusive "FAST-TRAK" system includes detailed engineered plans that expedite the permit approval process.

3.  Will our building department always issue building permits?
Yes. That is why we provide structurally engineered, fully-documented, state-stamped plans with every Cabin Kit materials package. Your building department can quickly and easily approve and issue your building permits.
(Note: Some building departments do not require engineered state-stamped plans in order to issue building permits. Cabin Kits can tell you which ones.)

4.  Do we pay state or local sales taxes?
No. Under our exclusive "NAFTA" agreement (the "North American Free Trade Agreement" between the US and Canada), the savings to US customers are extraordinary! You pay No State or County sales taxes, you pay No 31% US "Import Duties" on Canadian lumber and materials, plus
you earn a special One-Time Currency Exchange Credit that will save you thousands of dollars.

5.  What kinds of windows and doors are used?
Cabin Kits offer double-glazed, insulated windows with energy-efficient vinyl frames, plus thermal-efficient exterior doors with top quality locks and hardware.
Special "Low E" energy-saving glass is also provided in all our windows, entry doors and patio sliding doors.

6.  What kind of metal roofing is used?
Cabin Kits use preformed residential steel roofing, pre-cut and made to order for each Cabin Kit package with a choice of many different colors.

7.  Why is the cedar or conposite siding pre-stained?
Pre-staining saves you countless hours of work and thousands of dollars in painting costs. Pre-staining (both sides, each board) also assures maximum protection against sunshine and weather. And extra touch-up stain is included with each Cabin Kit package.

8.  Is log siding available?
Yes. Kiln-dried log siding is an option to get that real "log cabin" look... in either pine or cedar... without the high cost and expensive maintenance of full-log walls.

9.  Are decks and patios included in the price?
Where decks are shown on the plans, the cedar or composite decking plus all posts, deck framing and hardware are included in Cabin Kit prices.

10.  Can we make changes to the Cabin Kit plans?
Yes. Cabin Kit plans can be changed, expanded, modified or "customized" to meet your needs and requirements or site conditions (such as adding a dormer, or a basement plan for a sloping lot).

11.  Can we get foundation plans, or add a basement?
Cabin Kit plans include your choice of foundation... including basements. Walk-out or "daylight" basement plans are also available for hillsides and sloping lots. Pier foundation plans can also be provided.

12.  What does it cost to make design changes?
Our design team has all of our Cabin Kit plans on computer, so the time needed to make design changes is usually quite modest. An estimate of design costs will be provided in advance. 

13. What if we already found a plan we like?
Our design team can quickly convert any plan into a complete Cabin Kit package. An estimate for design costs can be provided in advance. 

14. Can we build the Cabin Kit ourselves?
Building your own home is always a choice. Cabin Kit packages are pre-built and "panelized" for quick and easy installation. On smaller Cabin Kit models, your carpentry skills may be sufficient. For larger models, however, the use of experienced contractors is highly recommended. For more information, contact us directly about our new labor-saving pre-built "panelized" packages that can cut building time in half, and save thousands in labor and building costs.

15.  Can you help us find a builder?
When you have decided which Cabin Kit package you are ready to build, we may be able to help you find a qualified local licensed contractor or builder.

16.  Do all the materials come in one shipment?
Yes. You will also receive a complete itemized packing list. Your Cabin Kit plans also show which materials are used for each part of the home. The packing list helps both you and the contractor, and also keeps you in control so that unneeded extra materials aren't ordered by mistake.

17.  What if something is missing?
Before starting construction
, check through the packing list of materials you received. If something appears to be missing or cannot be located, please let us know right away, before you start construction. We will replace the item, or reimburse you for the cost of purchasing a replacement item locally (be sure to keep copies of dated, itemized sales tickets and paid receipts).

18. Can we buy the Cabin Kit plans separately?
No. Cabin Kit plans are included when you purchase a Cabin Kit package. More important, you receive full credit for the cost of the plans when you order your Cabin Kit package. The plans and blueprints will be essential in obtaining bids and proposals from local builders-contractors. As a convenience, credit cards can be used for the purchase of any Cabin Kit package. Please note: All Cabin Kit plans and packages are protected by copyright and cannot be changed, re-sold, engineered or used to obtain a building permit.

19. What is the delivery time for a Cabin Kit package?
Delivery time is usually 90 days from the date of your initial deposit.

20. Does the Cabin Kit price include freight?
Cabin Kit prices do not include freight/delivery. However, delivery costs are surprisingly low and are based on the location of your building site. More information on low cost delivery is shown on our website.
(Note: In most cases, delivery costs are quite low. Learn how "NAFTA" saves you thousands of dollars in delivery costs when it's time to build, click here).

21. Is financing available?
Yes. Financing is available through most banks and lending institutions. "Owner-builder" programs are also available. And because Cabin Kits include all the materials you need for a complete "locked-up" weather-tight shell package, lenders are happy because you keep control of your building costs.




Mountain Party Home!
The "Peaks" Model


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A very special "Thanks"
to customers like these who have helped us become America's #1 Cabin Kit supplier


"We've been customers for years and there is no better home than a Cabin Kit Home. Top quality, and the best service you could ask for."
--Patrick & Barbara, Fortine, MT

  "We have been customers for seven-plus years and totally love our Cabin Kit home!"
Mike & Wendy, AZ


"We have several Cabin Kit homes in Arkansas and have been very happy with the quality and the big savings.
Gene Eddleman, AR


"The panelized package is the only way to go!
--Herman Groman. NV


"Cabin Kit materials are top quality, kiln dried lumber. We saved over $26,000 with their much lower NAFTA pricing."
Dan Leeper, AZ


"The quality of materials is terrific. This is our 4th Cabin Kit package. Your field support is great!"
--Gary Simonsen, Builder, MT


"We really enjoy our Cabin Kit home. The pre-built panels saved us weeks of building time and thousands of dollars in labor costs.
David & Molly Vaux, NM


 "We love our cabin. Everything arrived as promised, we'd do it again in a heartbeat. Our builder said he had never seen such quality materials!"
--Vivian and Pixie, CO


 We saved more than $16,000 on our new Cabin Kit home, and have been customers for almost 10 years."
Scott and Sandy, ID


"We couldn't be happier. Your design help was great, and the wall panels were perfect. The mountain view from the deck is better than we had hoped."
--Cindy & Dan, WA


    We appreciate your interest and hope this information has been helpful. Your comments and questions are always welcome. To receive the kinds of information and materials that are most helpful to you, feel free to call us directly at: 1-888-358-1113.

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